Someone had asked what the cost of human kindness was and an angel had answered “Not only does is it cost nothing but rather it pays off a great deal”

What will it cost if we lend someone a listening ear, a beautiful smile, a tender word, or even an accomodating heart.

What will it cost to try to understand someone, to take an interest , be a good friend or a samaritan to that stranger.
Absolutely nothing, on the contrary a vast share of investment.

Kindness is an investment we make which yields the greatest dividend with its profit having a ripple effect.

I have always loved the saying “if you meet a person without a smile be sure to lend them yours.”

What if I lend a smile and brighten a day,
Made someone laugh so they feel good,
Give freely to bless a soul.

We are HUMAN-KIND and we need to be kind.
We were created beautifully and we should act so.
Let’s learn to invest in people, own their problems and share their victories.
Let’s value others and their unique differences for we are all connected.

Lift someone today so we can all rise together.

(These words were inspired by an angel who goes by the name BRUCE CHANEN on facebook)



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