“And they lived happily ever after” were the last words of every fairy tale.

These were the portraits painted in our imaginations which we hanged on the walls of our Intuitions.

The days when true love always found its nest, laying eggs of affection to be incubated under the wings of devotion and hatched into that beautiful life of roses we craved.

The very kind of life we all wished for, only to wake up to reality and realise what we wished were just illusions of our wildest imaginations.

So it was, that the life of roses we envisaged were not magically waved by a wand but a thing to be worked for before we coud inhale the sweet aroma of our beds of roses.

We wanted to taste the fruits without having to plant,
We wanted to get to the top without having to climb,
And we felt broken knowing we had to inject so much energy into that which we dreamt.

Whenever the sun rose from its bed was a reminder to continue our journey.
We pursued our happiness without end because they said happiness was not a destination.

If only they had told us earlier then we would have learned to enjoy each step of our strides.

Better late than never, we still will learn to enjoy the rest of our pursuit knowing each step and experience is a mark of the happiness we seek.


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