DO NOT BE DECEIVED; the unread testimony.

The praises will be sang
The tears will flow
Wreaths will be laid
Tributes to eulogize
But only our hearts know what is true

The beautiful melodies will be heard
And our skins will be goosebumped
Our crocodile tears will be poured out
But our sunglasses will cover our pretence.

The lips does not speak ill of the dead
The eyes may pretend to be sad
Just so the praises may make meaning
But at the end, only the heart remembers
And only the heart cannot be lied to.

To the wicked soul that mistreated us
The father that abandoned his children
The selfish step-mum who grasped all

May your spirit not look down to be deceived.
May it listen through all the hearts present
To hear the true testimonies which could not be read.


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